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Al-Mukhtar Insurance Company is a Libyan joint stock insurance company (S.A.L), established with a capital of ten million Libyan dinars in the city of Tripoli, on 10/10/2007 AD, pursuant to the permission to establish it in accordance with Resolution No. (265) for the year 2007 AD, issued by the Committee’s Secretariat General People's Economy, Trade and Investment.

Al-Mukhtar Insurance Company was and still is a qualitative addition to the Libyan insurance market due to its more than four decades of experience in the field of providing insurance services.

The reinsurance agreements enjoyed by Al-Mukhtar Insurance Company - through a selection of reinsurance brokers registered in the London market (Lloyd's) - with the leading and distinguished reinsurance companies, whether at the level of quality of services or at the level of insurance coverage types and efficiency, makes them meet the needs and requirements of the campaign The policies (participants) with appropriate terms and subscriptions commensurate with the degree of risk, which will qualify it to have competitive and distinguished services with more comprehensive coverages to play the role of advisory for its policyholders’ clients to re-study and evaluate insurance policies, conditions and exceptions from time to time to make the required amendments to insurance holders.

Compensation settlement is a top priority for officials and employees of Al-Mukhtar Insurance Company, and this is the secret of the success and excellence of its technical and administrative experts at all times.

Al-Mukhtar Insurance Company is looking forward to providing you with its insurance services in all areas, confident that it will win your trust, which represents our desired goal.

In conclusion, accept our utmost respect and appreciation, with our best wishes for good health and safety, and for your institution progress and prosperity, and God is the guardian of success.

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To be the best and optimal company in providing insurance services (Takaful) in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia.

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Excellence and innovation to grow with confidence and security

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